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Treasure Coast Bioidentical Institute

Neil C. Boland, MD, FACOG, NCMP
James S. Dolgin, MD

About Us/Services

About Treasure Coast Bioidentical Institute and the Philosophy of Our Medical Practice

Treasure Coast Bioidentical Institute was founded in 2015 by Dr. Neil C. Boland to bring both men and women the latest in cutting-edge hormonal therapies, including all routes of administration or Anazao pellet therapies, using the BioTE Method. We believe in the old Chinese proverb: “The GOOD physician can diagnose the disease, the BETTER physician can diagnose and treat the disease, but the SUPERIOR physician can PREVENT the disease.”

We possess a comprehensive command of current evidence-based Endocrinology, which is frequently absent from other practitioners, even fellowship-trained specialists. Our goal is simple: dramatically improve your present quality of life, prevent future disease, and extend your longevity. We want your health span and lifespan to be virtually identical.

We are a highly advanced clinic and utilize the latest information taught in American Medical Association Continuing Medical Education courses in Endocrinology, Functional Medicine, and Preventative Medicine. We either take or teach courses monthly to other healthcare practitioners in Endocrinology. That’s why our office is able to help you when other physicians, even specialists, tell you there is nothing wrong with you because “you are just getting older.”

Another goal of our practice is to deprescribe (stop or taper off) medications which only cover up symptoms instead of treating the root problem, which can be a hormonal deficiency. The medications we want to stop for you can be either addictive, unnecessary, or have unacceptable sides effects, like insomnia, weight gain, or elimination of your libido. To learn more about Treasure Coast Bioidentical Institute in Florida or to discuss the medical services and treatments we have to offer, reach out to our office.

Other Fields of Expertise We Possess Include:

  1. Nutraceutical Evaluation and Prescription
  2. Nutragenomic DNA Analysis to treat MTHFR Deficiencies, Autoimmune Deficiencies, Mitochondrial Deficiencies, Autophagy Issues, Neurotransmitter Problems, and Hormonal Metabolism Issues
  3. Pharmacogenetic DNA Analysis
  4. Hair Loss DNA Trichotest Analysis
  5. Heavy Metal Poisoning Testing
  6. Peptide Medicine (Sermorelin, Melanotan, PT-141, BPC-157, Apomorphine, Oxytocin, etc.)
  7. Medical Weight Loss, including usage of injectable Semaglutide
  8. Routine Well Woman Care, including screening for Osteoporosis and Cancers of the Breast, Cervix, Uterus, Ovary, Colon, and Prostate
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